Our crew at EUEI are competent in leadership, team work and the application of diverse quality management frameworks. We prioritise end-user participation and robust feedback as the chief components of quality and promote individual and organizational learning throughout all our projects.

We have over 20 years experience in the development of innovative strategies for engaging Teachers and Trainers and in particular the development of interactive, learner-led educational resources.

Staff have conceived, managed, participated and evaluated numerous projects to date. Our approach to vocational education and its relationship to the wider economic and social development agenda reflect this experience, providing a cumulative process of insight, learning, and creativity to solve new challenges.

We are experienced in international project work and proficient in the dynamics of teamwork in multilingual environments.

CANICE, Instructional Designer. Canice has worked in the field of lifelong education for the last 19 years and is recognised as expert in instructional design and the development e-learning solutions for vocational education and training. Canice utilises a holistic approach to creating innovative, interactive, virtual learning environments (VLEs) and works closely with tutors, trainers and development teams to develop engaging and interactive VLEs that address the specific training needs of target groups. Keen to be at the forefront of his field, Canice keeps up to date with the latest design methods and technologies, industry best practice and actively engages in a range of diverse EU and National VET and enterprise projects and events. Canice has extensive experience in European projects including Leonardo da Vinci, The Life Long Learning Programme, Erasmus+, Interreg and PEACE.

GRACE, E-learning Project Officer. A highly motivated and organised project manager, Grace has extensive experience in guiding the initiation, development and dissemination of high quality learning solutions (eLearning and blended). Central to Grace’s work is the development of detail-oriented project plans and schedules that focus on project stakeholder expectations, timelines and production of project deliverables. Working closely with Canice, Grace plays an important role in the learning design and subsequently in evaluating the effectiveness of our e-learning products on completion.

POUL, Digital Content Developer. In his role of Digital Content Developer, Poul is involved in the design of engaging and effective digital learning content. Working closely with Canice, Poul takes instructional design to the next level by creating engaging and interactive online resources to meet curriculum need. Poul utilises the most current e-learning software in his work such as rapid development tools, images, graphics, video, audio, webcasts, podcasts, charts and other multimedia formats. With the growing importance, of responsive learning solutions, Poul is also charged with modifying content for use on other platforms, such as mobile phones and tablets etc.