• RESTART+ Communities is here to provide support for community leaders who feel the need for their community advancement. We will provide you with training tailored to the urgent needs of your community, equip you with knowledge and develop the skills you need to succeed in your journey of transformation. We want to engage leadership of voluntary & community sector as well as local public authorities together with VET colleges & HEIs to share their expertise in respective areas.


  • Teachers, trainers and lecturers are at the front line of our Higher Education systems, shaping the skills, attitudes and behaviours of our young people on a daily basis. If we are to see lasting and deep changes in the digital skills of young people today we must invest in the skills training of the people who teach them and enable critical thinking, digital literacy and active e-citizenship to become fully integrated into all learning activities.


  • Generation Data aims to improve the ability of HEI education providers to understand and teach smart data skills, thus providing Students, early stage entrepreneurs and businesses with more relevant, effective teaching and training. The long-term result will be a better qualified workforce in the most in demand skill, improved business growth and higher levels of digital competencies within the higher education sector.


  • Increasing the number of female entrepreneurs is a key priority in the EU for reasons linked to economic and social development. The lack of female entrepreneurs is particularly evident in the field of Engineering. In this context, EMERGE has a clear goal: increase the number of female entrepreneurs in engineering by transforming their access to and the quality of the training they receive from Entrepreneurship, VET & HEI institutions.


  • At a time when digital technologies have revolutionised the way we live and work and all aspects of our lives, we believe it is more crucial than ever to provide high quality, sector-specific training opportunities which allow business advisors to update their skills and embrace effective digital teaching and learning. For this reason, Digital Changemakers aims to increase the ability and motivation of Business Advisors to use digital tools in their training.


  • Female migrant entrepreneurs are an untapped potential for their local communities and for the economic growth potential of the EU in general . Our Eminent project aims to facilitate the increase of female migrant entrepreneurs by transforming their access to and the quality of the training they receive from entrepreneurship VET institutions


  • Ambition to employ is a project that developed a new training model to enable self-employed owner-operators to hire their first employee with knowledge, ability and confidence. This requires teaching the practical, legal and financial aspects of employment and sustainable business growth, but also applying new insights into overcoming the psychological barriers and risks involved.


  • This project aims to increase the availability and quality of entrepreneurship education for young people from all backgrounds in order to combat the unacceptably high levels of unemployment which many countries face.


  • Digital Wellbeing Educators Project has a clear objective: increase the capacity of lecturers and teachers to integrate digital education in a way that promotes the digital wellbeing of students. Through building teacher capacity, the project will improve students’ abilities to manage their online time, make the most of digital learning, critically assess the media they consume and create, and become responsible, confident digital citizens.


  • VIP@Work is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project which focuses on helping VET students to gain relevant work experience through internships for a quicker and more efficient entry to the job market after they have finished their vocational training.